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Section 1

Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction

Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is about feeling acute stress before and during sexual encounters. Such acute stress can biologically interfere with arousal and thus block the erectile function. If you want to learn about performance anxiety, I would suggest you start by comprehending the biological and mental mechanism that makes the mind block arousal. Don’t worry; in the full video I describe the mechanism in a simple and clear way…


How can I effectively manage performance anxiety during sex

If you feel you have understood the mechanism of performance anxiety, then it’s time to learn about what one needs to do in order for it to be overcome. But here is the paradox! If you are the kind of person that likes to control life’s events, then you are probably faced with a situation that is exacerbated by efforts of control. Yes, I understand, most men hate anything that seems out of their control. But what is actually happening is that the more you try to suppress or push away your symptoms of anxiety during sex, the more your brain perceives theses symptoms as dangerous and thus triggers more anxiety. In the full video you will get simple instruction to follow during your sexual encounters.


Can I use erection pills for the management of psychogenic erectile dysfunction?

Pills that have been approved for the treatment of erectile dysfunction have undoubtedly helped millions of men restore their erectile function. However, can they be used when the problem is psychogenic? The best person to discuss this with is definitely your doctor or therapist. Before you do so though,  I suggest you check out the full video and get a clear understanding of how these pills function, which factors block their effectiveness and what would happen if you stopped using them.


Why do men lose their erection with condom use?

Lack of familiarity with condom use can trigger anxiety when you try to use a condom. This anxiety can cause erectile dysfunction and in most cases it is systematically repeated every time a man tries to put on a condom. It can be frustrating and dangerous for one’s sexual health. I would suggest that you learn about the factors that can cause this problem and maybe try some tips that can help you manage condom-associated anxiety. The avoidance of condom use is NOT a solution.


Can frequent use of pornography cause erectile dysfunction?

People vary so much in their use of porn. Some people never watch porn, while others do. Among those that do, some watch porn sporadically, while others watch porn systematically. Some people combine it with masturbation, while others don’t necessarily feel the desire to masturbate at the same time. Some people watch for many hours during a day, while for others a few minutes to help them get aroused is enough. Some people open many windows on their computer screen and quickly switch from one video to another, while others prefer to focus on one video at a time. Some people watch porn to feel pleasure while others watch porn in order to distract themselves from life’s anxieties. Of course people also vary as to the content of the porn they prefer to watch. In other words, porn use is not a behavior to be perceived in a universal way, but it is a behavior that needs to be understood for the meaning it has for each person. The full video will give you some more information about this hot topic!